uMed stands for “United in Medicine

Our Mission

To help patients and health care providers participate in ground breaking research more efficiently, so that we can advance our understanding of disease and discover groundbreaking new treatments.

The uMed platform enables researchers to rapidly identify and engage targeted patient populations for clinical and real-world research.

By connecting health systems, GPs, patients & sponsors, and automating patient identification and engagement, we are helping the industry run cost and time effective research at scale.

We take on the heaving lifting; empowering physicians and patients to participate in clinical research by removing the burden associated with the patient recruitment process. We do this by…

Automated cohort search

Automating the process of matching relevant patients cohorts to the most suitable research programmes.

Direct Patient Engagement

With physician approval, automatically engaging patients with SMS on behalf of their recognised health care provider.

Security First

Data security is at the heart of what we do. uMed is GDPR compliant and exceeds NHS Toolkit requirements.

How we are transforming clinical trials

For Providers

We’ve pioneered the automation of the most time-consuming aspects of research – patient identification, approval and engagement – enabling your practice to participate in multiple studies whilst minimising incremental workload.

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For Patients

We empower patients to participate in studies that have the greatest relevance and impact for their specific condition. Our goal is to support your general practitioner to proactively send you only the most relevant research opportunities.

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For Providers

We enable life science to scalabley identify and engage target patient populations and to recruit into clinical trials, and run real world patient centric research.

We offer end-to-end data collection combining health record information, HES hospitalisation data, patient reported outcomes, medical device data and DNA sampling.

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Founder Story

“We want to help health care providers participate in research more efficiently, so that we can advance our understanding of disease and discover groundbreaking new treatments”

Dr Matt Wilson

As a former A&E doctor, anaesthetist, and Royal Marines Medical Officer, uMed Founder Dr Matt Wilson understands the pressures of working on the front line in the health care system and how involvement in research often falls to the side-lines because of lack of time and resource. This lack participation from health care providers is a huge barrier for researchers trying to meet their patient enrolment timelines.

Combining his experience within front-line healthcare with a passion for research, Dr. Wilson developed the uMed platform to help healthcare providers & GPs run patient research more efficiently and at scale, whilst also addressing the challenges for the researcher such as high screen failure and dropout rate, speed of recruitment and achieving patient diversity.

uMed is rapidly expanding and is now working over 350 GP practices, 3.2million patients, top pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers.

Leadership team

Dr Matt Wilson
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Chris Broderick
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Paul Bleicher
Independent Board Member
James Dunstan
VP Life Science Sales
Abi Dhillon
VP Commercial Operations
Neal Stine
General Manager US
Glen Swinfield
Head of Engineering

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