High screen failure rate? Too few patients in target population? High dropout rate?

uMed Recruit can address your patient recruitment challenges by:

  1. Finding the right patients from the start: We pre-screen patients with EHR data applying inclusion and exclusion criteria across millions of EHR records to make sure we screen out any irrelevant patients
  2. Bring credibility to your trial by leveraging our network of over 200 GP practices: We’ve built software that makes it easy for our GP practice partners to review and approve target patient cohorts.
  3. Quickly engage potential trial participants: once a potential trial participant is approved by our GP partner, we automatically reach out to the patient to invite them to participate. The patient can find all the information on your study and consent electronically to be contacted by the trial site
  4. Further reduce screen failure through additional screening: after engaging the patient we can screen them with additional questions to make sure they are exactly right for your study

Instead of taking years to recruit the right number of patients for your trial, we are able to recruit patients at a lightening fast speed reducing the time taken to gain consent to be contacted to a matter of days.

150 patients recruited in under 4 weeks with average conversion rate of 10% from outreach to consent
Hypertension Study
UK Wide May - June 2021
Average 20% click through rate resulting in 8% consent rate in ongoing study
Predict PD
Commenced June 2021

What does the patient see?

We have built our process so that the patient experiences a seamless experience from the first text message they receive.

How does uMed Recruit work?

uMed platform walkthrough

In four simple steps
  • Cohort Search
  • Provider Approval
  • Patient Engagement
  • Data Collection

The Cohort Search Results go to the Study Sponsor.

uMed finds a specific cohort using de-identified health record data from across our provider network. The Sponsor can choose regions or sites.

Research team at the health system review the research opportunity

uMed presents all study documentation including centralized ethics/IRB approvals so that the health system can be adopted as a study site.

Provider Approval - Physicians for the identified patients can review their patient lists and approve or omit as required.

uMed digitally engages providers associated with the cohort identified in Step 1 for study authorization

Data Collation

ePRO data is collected directly from the patient and combined with the patient’s EMR data in a fully compliant manner.

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