The age of analog clinical studies is over. This is uMed.

uMed dramatically enhances the speed and scale of clinical studies while decreasing burden on site staff.

We’ve pioneered the automation of the most time-consuming aspects of research: patient identification, enrollment and engagement.

Adding value to your practice through
Accelerated patient recruitment
  • uMed identifies potential participants for you by utilizing data from your EMR
  • Automated mobile messaging allows uMed to contact an unlimited number of patients at once on your behalf
  • Additional automated pre-screening and consent improves enrollment rates dramatically, with a consistent conversion rate greater than 10%
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More studies, fewer resources
  • uMed focuses on decentralized, non-interventional studies which don’t require in-person visits
  • From initial outreach through consent and ongoing patient engagement, once you’ve approved your list of potential patients, uMed does the rest
  • The uMed mobile engagement platform is free to use for your other sponsored or in-house studies
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Generate additional revenue
  • uMed brings you a stream of sponsored studies pre-qualified for your patient population
  • With a focus on non-interventional studies, uMed engagements are revenue-positive from day one
  • Our sponsored studies and uMed international registries are ideal for every size provider, from community hospitals to large health systems and academic medical centers
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“We are excited to be working with uMed to promote and develop clinical research accross Modality sites, allowing the benefits from studies to be brought to the general public faster."

uMed for...

Health Systems

uMed brings additional revenue to your health system by leveraging your valuable EMR data to identify eligible patients for sponsored research studies.

Rather than conducting manual chart reviews or enlisting your overburdened IT staff to run queries and generate reports, uMed automatically searches your data, finds potential participants, and let’s you decide whether to participate in the study once patients have been identified.

Once your team approves the study, uMed does the rest. Our automatic mobile platform handles the workload from patient outreach and consent through enrollment and collecting patient reported data.

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Community Hospitals

uMed is the ideal solution for community hospitals with limited resources looking to expand your research footprint.

uMed brings you sponsored studies and international registries that match your patient population, and our intuitive user interface allows you to review and approve study documentation and relevant patient information quickly.

Once your team approves the study, uMed does the rest. Our automatic mobile platform handles the workload from patient outreach and consent through enrollment and collecting patient reported data. No clinic visits required.

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Principal Investigators & Researchers

Whether you’re an experienced Principal Investigator engaged in multiple clinical trials or a junior researcher looking for opportunities to build your experience, uMed’s sponsored studies and registries are an ideal addition to your portfolio.

We focus on remote, non-interventional studies which require minimal oversight from investigators. Once patients are approved for outreach, uMed handles the rest.

In addition to joining sponsored studies from our life science partners, uMed offers you the opportunity to participate in our international registries. We are currently looking for US-based PIs to support our COVID PASC and Parkinson’s Disease registries.

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